Park Rules and Regulations

The occupants renting sites are responsible for all the rules and for informing all other occupants and their guests of any applicable rules. Any disregard for these rules and regulations may result in a written notice or expulsion from the park without refund.
No refunds available, for any paid fees.
We, as the park management and staff, reserve the right to refuse service or entry to anyone. We will not be responsible for accidents or injury to our guests or loss of property during your stay. 
~ These rules govern the use of facilities at the park and are subject to any changes deemed reasonable by park management to ensure a safe, enjoyable vacation by all. ~
 SUBSTANCE - Alcohol -may only carried off your site in a concealed non-glass or see throw containers.
 Lawful consumption of alcohol or any other substance that may impair cognitive judgment and mobility, and the smoking of tobacco, cigarettes, or cannabis, is permitted on the Occupant’s Site only and is prohibited in all common areas of the Park however, in the event that consumption or smoking on the Site is the subject of valid nuisance complaints by other Occupants or their visitors, as determined solely by the Owner, then the Owner may further restrict such on Site consumption or smoking as deemed by the Owner to be appropriate.
ATV’s & DIRTBIKES – Riding of ATV’s & dirtbikes is not allowed on park property.

BICYCLES & MOTORCYCLES – Riding of bicycles is prohibited after dark to ensure guest safety. Licensed motorcyclists are allowed to drive directly to and from their site. Cruising around park property is not allowed.
 CAMPFIRES – Campers are responsible for controlling and extinguishing their campfires. Managements reserves the right to forbid campfires entirely in periods of excessive droughts or when campfires pose threat to the safety of others. Relocation of fire pits cannot be moved without park management permission. 
CHILDREN – Children (under 18) must be supervised by a parent or guardian and on an adult-supervised site after 11pm. 
DRIVING/PARKING – Speed limit in all areas throughout the park is 10KM/H – Roadways must be kept clear at all times for other vehicles or emergencies. Only driving with a valid license is permitted. This applies to golf carts as well. Please do not drink and drive.
Parking is restricted to your own site or designated parking areas only. Parking on roadways and vacant sites is not allowed. Parking is restricted up to two cars per site. No parking on seasonal sites for any dump or utility trailers aloud.
FIREWOOD – Firewood must be purchased through park staff. No firewood can be brought in from outside the park. 
FIREWORKS – No fireworks are permitted. 
GARBAGE & RECYCLING – All household garbage must be disposed of into the allocated garbage bin. Please refrain from bringing garbage from outside into the park. All other items and hazardous garbage is to not be disposed of into the garbage bin. This includes: fire ash, branches, leaves or wood.
Please recycle items into special designated bins.
MUSIC – All music must be turned off at 11pm. Please be considerate of neighbours at all times. All music must be kept to a private listening level.

 OVERNIGHT CAMPERS– A  maximum of one family per site and one trailer or camping unit is allowed. No more than 4 adults(extra fees applies) are to stay per site overnight. Overnight rates are based on 2 adults and 2 unmarried children under 16 years of age. Additional charges will apply for all extra occupants. Minimum Age 21 years old for camping. NO VISITORS SEASON 2021.

SEASONAL CAMPERS - Only imidiate family per 1 site  - 2 Adults and 2 children or 2 adults and up to 4 small children per site or grandchildren up to 16 years of age no charge. We have to have all full names, dates of birth for the all of your children on your file. As a seasonal campers, you will have to sign all your guests in the guest book at the Log house and report to the office, when they are visiting you. All other visitors must be signed in and will be charged $10 daily or $15 nightly per person. Guests are not aloud to entering the private park property after 8pm. All Day Guests must leave the park no later then 10:45pm.
PETS – 2 dogs or 2 cats per site only. Cats must be kept within confines of the trainer. No unattended chaining or tethering of a pet outside of the trailer shall be permitted. Pets must be kept out of any buildings compromising a part of the common areas and facilities of the park, including the swimming area and playground. All pets must be tagged, have proper shots and shall comply with any applicable laws or municipal by-laws. It is the occupant’s responsibility to care for any pets properly including cleaning and restoring any areas of the site or park where mess or damage has occurred. Noisy, aggressive or unruly pets that constitute a nuisance or threat that are not controlled by the occupants will, upon written request from park management, be permanently removed from the park.
PICNIC TABLES – One picnic table per overnight site. No picnic tables will be supplied to seasonal sites.
PLAYGROUNDS – Playgrounds are closed between 9pm and 9am for safety purposes. 
PRIVACY – Please refrain from walking across other site. Please respect others privacy and property.
QUIET HOURS – Quiet hours are from 11pm to 8am. Please respect the park and your neighbours. Excessive noise will not be tolerated.
TRAILERS/CAMPING UNITS – Only one trailer or camping unit per site. One vehicle per overnight site and max 2 cars per seasonal site if site size permitted. Accsses or removal RVs from the park only with management approval.(RVs, boats dumps trailers-including storage area)  

RV Winter storage outside of the park - must have management approval before taking the unit in or out from the park. The unit must be remove by October 15 and will be aloud back according grounds conditions in the spring by May 15.
SALES – All Sales on our private property of RV’s/trailers, add-a-rooms,decks, roofs and awnings etc within the park must be handled through the park office and subject for a fee. “For Sale” signs are not permitted to be displayed on any units on the site. Park management reserves the right to disallow any sale of an RV/trailer intended to remain in the park where the RV/trailer’s age or condition does not meet current park standards. 
SWEARING – Offensive language/profanity of any kind is not permitted on park grounds. 
TREES & SHRUBS – No cutting, defacing, nailing, removal (dead or alive) of shrubs, trees, etc is permitted on park property including sites. Permission must be obtained from park managements in all cases. Ropes or clotheslines around trees or branches is not permitted. 
VANDALISM & THEFT – There is a zero tolerance policy in effect with respect to any acts of theft or vandalism within the park. 
VISITORS – Daily visitors must be sign in at the Rec/hall Log House and leave the park by 11pm. All overnight visitors and vehicles must be registered with the park office. All visitors must pay applicable fees when applies.
WATER USE – Water use is restricted to drinking and household purposes including watering flower beds. This also includes washing of trailers. All other uses (such as washing cars, etc) are not permitted.
WEAPONS – No weapons of any kind are permitted on park property. 
AGE OF RV’S & TRAILERS – Units in the park are grandfathered, but subject to inspection when re-sold if over 15 years old. Trailers/RV’s that are not in good condition are not permitted in the park, regardless of age. Our park has an age limit of 15 years old or less for any unit brought into the park. Please confirm with management.
ADD-ROOMS & ROOFS – Only pre-manufactured roofs, add-a-rooms are allowed. Existing building are grandfathered if in good condition until season occupant upgrades their unit or sells their unit on their site. *See under site changes.* Buildings and decks erected without written approval have to removed from the property.
DECKS – Size, design material and finish used must be approved by park management in writing. Decks must be stained in a natural wood colour or left unstained. All building materials must be new. All decks must be properly engineered and meet applicable building codes.
EQUIPMENT PERMITTED – One trailer or camping unit, deck, add-a-room and one shed are permitted per each site. The size of deck and add-a-room will depend on the site and the RV/trailer size. No extra tents are allowed except by special permission by park management. One fireplace per site.
FRIDGES – A second fridge is only permitted if stored inside a shed. Additional charges apply unless site hydro is metered. 
GRASS CUTTING & SITE MAINTENANCE – Grass cutting, weedeating and site beautification are the responsibility of the site occupant. If park managements should have to cut the site occupant’s lawn or any other necessary maintenance, a fee will be charged. Please keep your site neat and tidy and well maintained. Any unnecessary building equipment, tools, etc should not clutter your site. Everything must be kept in an approved shed or in your camping unit when not in use.
INSURANCE – It is the seasonal occupant’s responsibility to have adequate trailer and liability insurance coverage. The park office must be supplied with a copy of your insurance policy. The park will not be held responsible or liable for any property damage or theft.
 OFF SEASON – The park is closed October 15 - May 15 off-season. We allow seasonal occupants to entrance park and walk into the property to check on their unit in the off season when need be. We do not allow anyone to stay overnight. Please notify park management of your arrival for security purposes. If you decided to store your trailer for the winter out side the park you must to remove the unit before October 15 and you can bring it back after May 15 with park approval.
SATELLITE/TV ANTENNAS – TV antennas and towers are not permitted. Small satellite dishes are allowed as long as they are mounted on trailers or locations approved by park management. Satellites dishes must not be mounted on trees or off the seasonal occupant’s site. Tree, tree branches and shrubs cannot be removed to allow better satellite reception.
SHEDS – Only one shed is allowed per site. Maximum size of a shed is 8 X 10 feet. All new sheds and their location and size must be approved by park management in writing. Restrictions apply. Existing sheds are grandfathered if in good condition until seasonal occupant moves from the site.
SITE CHANGES (ADD-AROOMS, DECKS, SHEDS) – All site changes (new or relocating) such as add-a-rooms, patios, roofs, decks, fireplaces, posts, fences, trees, shrubs, etc. or removals must be approved by park management in writing. 
SKIRTING – All trailer coming into the park must be skirted. All skirts must be natural wood looking and be approved by park management. We encourage all of our seasonal occupants to skirt their trailers.
STORAGE – Storing vehicles, utility trailers, boats, ATV’s, snowmobiles, dirt bikes or additional camping units on any site is not permitted, except in designed storage areas for a fee. No unlicensed vehicles are allowed on park property. All on-site accessories must be stored in and not visible, except piled firewood. 
RENTING OUT RV’S/TRAILERS – Subletting, renting or leasing out your RV/trailer is strictly prohibited.

EXTRA TENT—Before installing a camping tent on your site, you must to have permission from the park Management. Every situation will be looked at and discussed accordingly.No friends or extended family of the seasonal campers are permitted to enter the park property and install tents without applicable fees.
REPAIRS /BULDING PROJECTS– No repairs to any motors, vehicles or watercraft are permitted on park property. All building, maintenance or repairs must be done between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri and 10am-5pm Sat-Sun NO POJECTS ON LONG WEEKENDS ALOUD.
TARPS – No tarps are allowed as a windbreak or cover on a RV/trailer units during the open season.
VACATING SITE – Any permanent improvements such as shrubs, trees,fences as well as fireplace stones must remain on site when it is vacated. Any structures such as privacy fences, fire rims, etc. owned by the park must remain on the site. Any removal without permission by park management is subject to the cost of restoration and legal fees. If you are leaving your site early then end of season. After your trailer are moved out from the park you have 30days to remove all of your belongings from the occupied site. We are as a park management reserving the right to cancel the gate cards at any time after trailer removed from the occupied side at any time(according on every individual case). You must to leave the site clean for the next seasonal occupant.
SEASONAL AGREEMENTS -All seasonal occupants must sign a License of Occupation that has to be renewed every year. All notices must be made in writing to the management. Signed agreement with payment methods must be 
submitted by September 3, every year (if signed agreement not on file by September 3 assigned seasonal site becomes available for the next season).

Last payment must be paid by April 1, if park office didn’t receive the full seasonal fee/payments plus 10% late fee will apply(each month) until May 1. The site occupant not aloud to come to the park and stay at the site until payment complete. If payment not receive and arrangements with the park management not completed by May 1, park management will issue evection notice and will remove your trailer from the occupied site, the occupant will be given 30 days to remove the trailer from the storage area and other occupant belongings from the site. The occupant shell contact the park management and set up an appointment to remove the trailer and other belongings from the storage area.

Thank you for choosing Kilsyth Country Campground as your summer home away from home. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Enjoy your stay!

Park Management

Kilsyth Country Campground


HOURS 9am-8pm

Games Barn Rules

Open daily May 15 - October 1 10am -8pm


All participants using the table games must sign them out at the office. 
All game equipment for the table games can be received at the office. 
All game participants are responsible for returning game equipment to the office.
In case of any damages to the games or pieces missing, the person who last signed them out will be held responsible for replacing or paying for the game. 
Note that we now have video surveillance in the Game Barn Building.
Children under the age 14 must be accompanied by the parent or guardian at the Games Barn.

Park Policies

Booking Your Campsite and Rental:

A minimum reservation of (2) nights or three (3) nights is required on a long weekend - full payment will be charged to your credit card at time of booking. 4 nights - 1 week booking deposit $100.00 will be charged upon reservation.

Maximum 4 adults (additional charges apply) per 1 site or 2 adults and 2 children under 16 years of age.
Camping Check-in Time: 2:00 - 8:00pm (No arriving guests are exepted after 8pm )   
Camping Checkout Time: 11:00am  - Please checkout at the camp office before you leave.
Late departure is subject to another nights charge; no exceptions. All campers must be off the campsite by 11:00 am. Please be respectful of guests arriving after you. WIFI available $.

Campsite Cancellation:

  • Some cancelations maybe consider - minimum 14 days before your arrival date ( 2p.m.) are subject to a $50 non-refundable administration fee.
  • July-August, Long Weekends or Holidays all reservations are final sale no refunds available.
  • Some reservations can be rescheduled within the same year at no additional charge when you  give us 14 days notice. 
  •  No shows – the full reservation amount will be charged to  the credit card on file.
  • Absolutly ​No Refunds will be issued for rental units, any holidays(long weekends) and multi sites reservations (from 3 and up ).
  • ​All reservations with out deposit are not valid.
  • All sales are final.
  • As a private park we reserve the right to cancel any reservations any time.


Booking Your Cabin or Trailer Rental:

A $300.00 security deposit will be charged to your credit card at the time at your arrival in the event of the damage or cleaning to our cabin/trailer.
Rental Check In Time: 2:00 p.m.
Rental Check Out Time: 11:00 a.m.  - Please checkout at the camp office before you leave.
NO SMOKING in any of the rental units.
NO PETS allowed in rental units
A minimum reservation of two (2) nights is required for a cabin/trailer rental and a minimum reservation of three (3) nights over a long weekend
Late departure is subject to another nights charge; no exceptions. All campers must leave the rental units by 11:00am. Please be respectful of guests arriving after you. 

Cabin Trailer and Site Cancellation:

  • No Refunds will be issued for rental units.


Pool Rules:

Pool open from Fathers day until Labor Day long weekend.

  1. All children from 1year or older MUST be accompanied by an adult when using the pool. In order to look after a child you must be 16 years of age or older.

  2. ALL swimmers MUST use the outside shower before entering pool area.

  3. No running in pool area.

  4. No diving into pool.

  5. No shoes on pool deck.

  6. No smoking in pool area.

  7. No glass containers .

  8. No food or drinks .

  9. No pool toys and floating devices.


  11. No swimming aloud in outside clothing or diapers only specially design and approved swimming suits.

  12. All adults and children will use the pool at their own risk, as there will be NO Lifeguard on Duty.

  13. All swimmers must to wear certified by province and federal swimwear suits.